Santos & Danish National Team Players!

Posted by Team Chicago Academy on Aug 05 2013 at 02:00PM PDT in 2013-14

It’s only day 8 of the Santos trip in Denmark, but it feels like we have been here a lifetime. As usual, we start our morning at 8:29 am with a nutritious breakfast consisting of unfrosted Frosted Flakes (editor’s note, a.k.a. Corn Flakes ;-) and warm milk. After a delightful meal full of good conversation and awkward eye contact, we met in the lobby at 9:30am. The troop moms (Joe Mazur and Mrs. Marconi) gather most of the team to head for Sweden. We also brought Laura, a member of the Danish U19 National Team, to be our guide. Other girls decided to spend a 3rd day in Copenhagen getting piercings and chasing Phil around.

After riding a train full of sweaty men and crying babies, we finally arrived in Malmo, Sweden. The quaint town had many restaurants, street performers, and of course shopping. We were very sad that Phil could not join us on our trip. Sightseeing just isn’t the same when you aren’t chasing a wild man around the busy streets of a foreign country. Also R.I.P to Phil’s crocs which he finally threw out today. Much like Phil, they too had no sole.

Phil, being the old rascal that he is, also planned for us practice with the Brondby professional women’s team in the afternoon. You would think that after spending the morning scoping out Sweden, we would be tired, but nope! Santos are known for their willful endurance and positive energy. We strutted out to the fields to play a little soccer. The coaches took us through a couple drills of juggling, possession, and small sided games. At this point, Phil must have wandered off because the practice seemed to be missing a certain “constructive criticism”. Not once did I hear the words “Ho Ly crap”. (editor’s note, training with 4 Danish full National Team players, who won the Bronze at the European Championships 9 days ago, and 4 U19 Danish National Team players might have improved the play. Although the highlight of the practice was Hannah Rodgers pulling a move and then nutmegging a U19 National Team player followed by a great amount of laughter and ridicule from her pro teammates ;-)

When the practice ended, we thanked the girls and headed for the club house for our final Danish meal. After Phil rejected our requests for fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, we (he) decided on grilled chicken for dinner. Phil must have forgotten all the fat jokes he made about us earlier because he took us out for ice cream afterwards. What a guy.

This being our last night in Denmark, we all packed our bags and prepared to say goodbye. We are all going to miss Denmark and the the great experiences.. Except maybe the breakfast of unfrosted frosted flakes (a.k.a Corn Flakes).



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